Teacher Profile - Adele Castillo February 01 2016, 0 Comments

Adele Castillo will be teaching Acrylics for Beginners on Friday, Feb. 12 10am - 4pm.  This one day workshop will include information about acrylics - what they are and how they behave.  This class is perfect for beginners and as a refresher class for those who've been away from painting for a while.



Adele Castillo is an artist who is well-known for her colorful renditions of animals. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Art Education from Old Dominion University, Adele taught art in the Virginia Beach School System for 19 years. After leaving VBPS, Adele began teaching adult students in Norfolk before moving to the Richmond area in 2001. She has exhibited her work in various shows, including Stockley Gardens Art Festival, 43rd Street Arts Festival, Gosport Arts Festival, several solo and group exhibits and she has a few awards tucked in her home studio, the latest being from Art Speaks on the Bay exhibition in 2015. Adele currently maintains a studio and gallery wall in Crossroads Art Center, Richmond, VA. and in the last few years has been honored to jury and judge all-media shows in Richmond and the Ocean View Art Festival in Norfolk. Always experimenting, she has also been known to share her expertise via demonstrations, critiques and art talks for various art groups and communities.
Adele also teaches painting classes and workshops in her studio at Crossroads Art Center, at For Art’s Sake Gallery and other locations upon request.

A few questions to Adele:



What made you start teaching?

I began teaching elementary art right out of college. I did it because in 1980, the attitude was still very much “ what are you going to DO with that art degree?” I learned so much during my 20 years in public schools, but I was exhausted and not making my own art and I was burned out by the system - demands that had nothing to do with teaching art. I left, then began painting, exhibiting and teaching adults a year later. It was the best move I ever made.

What do you get out of teaching?

I love teaching! I learn from my students when they bring in ideas and thoughts about their art. Working with beginners is wonderful when the light bulb goes off and they have those aha! moments or they finish that first painting and sign it with pride. I feel like I’m right there with me for the journey. I often do a little happy dance in class when students finish a particularly difficult piece. Teaching challenges me to stay on top of my game as well. I have to know what’s new and exciting so I can pass it on in class.

Tell me something people would be surprised to find out about you

I was a body builder in my late twenties. I began lifting weights for strength when living alone and fell in love with it. I was prepping for my first show when I realized that wasn’t what I wanted to do. AND I was just plain hungry! It requires great discipline and dedication, both of which I had. But I no longer loved it, and I wanted to get back to simply working the weights for my health.