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After the stay at home order went into effect artist Bob Carlson decided to inspire his young grand daughter with some virtual art instruction.

"These are three sets of paintings from three sessions that I had the pleasure of sharing with my ten year old granddaughter. The first took place here, where we both painted a bowl of fruit on our dining room table. The next two sessions were post stay-at-home order, so we painted from photos; one of a vase of daffodils, and the most recent of a tree in bloom. We visited over our Echo Show and discussed painting and whatever else came to mind. Theoretically, I am offering her some instruction, although she has a good eye and artistic ability, and a freshness and originality to her creations that I would hate to spoil with a push toward my more representational style. Admittedly, I could not finish the latter two paintings in the time that she finished hers, so I completed them later on my own." Bob Carlson








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