Lions, Tigers & Bears...Animal Adaptations with Lee Jackson's 3rd Graders

As part of our outreach programs within the Mathews community, we’ve teamed up with the 3rd grade teachers at Lee Jackson Elementary School to combine the arts with the subjects the children are learning about throughout the year. Our Gallery & Outreach Coordinator, Saraya Cheney, has spent this past week with each 3rd grade class, showing them how animal adaptations can be translated into pieces of art by exploring patterns, colors and silhouettes.

Saraya challenged the students to identify patterns and colors of animals’ fur, feathers, scales and skins by first looking at photos. The students were then asked to choose their favorite animal and create the patterns and colors of that animal’s outer layer with puck tempera paints. The final step was to create a silhouette of that animal to be pasted onto the animal print background.



Students were then able to share their knowledge of animal adaptations by talking about the animal they chose and how that specific animal’s fur, scales, feathers or skin allows them to survive in their environment.

Our program with the 3rd graders will continue next semester when we delve into the world of explorers.

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