Outdoor Eye Spy Photo Game

The Outdoor Eye Spy Photo Game is a great way to get outside and have some fun! This is a game for kids only. Each week 3 photo assignments will be posted here in the blog, on the Bay School Facebook page as well as the Mathews Talk Facebook page. You can either post your photos on the Facebook posts in the comment section or here in the blog. We will pick a few each week to post on Facebook and on our blog posts.



1. Pattern- Look for patterns in anything and everything. It might be a fence, cars in a parking lot, leaves, etc. and capture it on camera. Make sure that the pattern is the focus of your picture.

2. Bud Close Up- Spring is here and the plants are budding! Find a cool bud, focus on your subject and capture your image.

 3. Tree Hole-  Find a hole in a tree. It could be in the bottom or up high. Make sure to zoom in when you take you picture.


We can't wait to see your pictures!!





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