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Teacher Profile - Steph Brown January 04 2016, 0 Comments

Steph Brown will be teaching our Blush & Brush - Dragonfly class on Tuesday, January 26 6:30pm - 8:30pm.   We supply the canvas, paint & brushes in order for you to make art as entertainment!  A fun night out for the girls or as a date night!


Steph has been self-employed as a graphic designer since 1985. Originally from Pennsylvania, she has always had a love of the arts. Pencil drawings, pen & ink and watercolor are her favorite mediums, which led to teaching classes in PA at the art supply and framing shop she owned from 1999-2006. Her background includes trades show exhibit design, drafting, architectural design, print design and corporate identity development. She enjoys teaching more than anything else, and feels that anyone who has the desire can create- it's just a matter of helping the hand communicate what the heart feels.

A few questions to Steph:

What made you start teaching?

Many years ago, when I owned an art supply store in York, Pennsylvania, I was asked to work with a special needs student. Henry loved to draw, but didn't fit into the "norm" that was required to attend traditional art classes. After just a short time together, I observed the joy and sense of accomplishment that Henry experienced while creating with gentle guidance. It was at that point I began to offer art classes to all age groups and skill levels in the back room of my shop. In 2008, I moved to Virginia and continue teaching at my home studio, at the Bay School in Mathews, and at other locations in the surrounding area. Thank you Henry!

What do you get out of teaching?

Empowering others through the creative process in a non-competitive and supportive environment makes me feel really good. Sharing basic techniques and then encouraging people to think outside the box and make it their own is my goal. I love to help others discover, uncover, explore and engage their creative selves. As a certified Creativity Coach, I also help people move past blocks, procrastination and perfectionism. Any time I can help someone feel good about themselves, it's a good day. 

Tell me something people would be surprised to find out about you:

From 1992 - 1999, I owned and operated a Subway restaurant. My children and family were a huge part of the daily operations and contributed greatly to the success of the business. I have fond memories and learned much about working with the general public, commitment and teamwork.