Maggie Gilman - Oaxaca Meat Hall - 2nd Place, 2-D Art

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Digital photograph

16 x 21

Judge's comments:

"Gilman's Oaxaca Meat Hall is a moving image that begs one to connect with the woman at its center. This is a work that reveals itself with time, demanding a long and curious look into both content and composition. The dynamic symmetry and perspective in this piece form the scaffolding for beautiful complexity, drawing even more attention to the woman's placement near its center. All diagonals lead to her. Her lit, nearly glowing body, pushes the psychology and narrative of this piece, demanding the viewer to engage."

This award is sponsored by Jim and Amanda Taylor, and is dedicated to Martha Anne King. "Martha Ann exemplifies the spirit of the Bay School. She is an artist, a dedicated volunteer, a mentor and inspiration to many! Her infectious smile and enthusiasm is a treasure for all."

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