Michele Fletcher - Foggy Morning - Best in Show

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Fine art photography

16 x 26

A digital photographic image B&W (archival to 100 years) matted and framed with  Nielsen Contrast Gray metal frame - Profile 15 and archival quality Bainbridge mat - hinge mounting on acid free foam core. 

Judge's comments:

"The complicated simplicity in Foggy Morning is striking. What seems minimal at first glance becomes quite complex over a longer view. The photo’s exaggerated atmospheric perspective, combined with its opposing flat graphic qualities, contributes to its overall demand for attention. Reminiscent of the late 16th c. Japanese screens by Hasegawa ­Tohaku, Foggy Morning, excels at pacing the viewer with the visual rhythms and varied repetition defined nearly a century ago by the gestalt principles of design."


This year's Best in Show Award honors Patty and Eric Rosenberg, long-time supporters of the Bay School. The Award is sponsored by Friends of Patty and Eric Rosenberg. Here are Patty's thoughts on supporting the arts:

"Our commitment to the arts is deeply rooted in our social consciousness. We have tried to be supportive of the arts in general and the Bay School in particular. Early in the Bay School’s history I helped Wendy Wells when she called on us to contribute in many ways- giving of our time, talents and sweat equity, being on the board for ten years, doing invitations and decorations for the auction and chairing the auction and now helping with the Arts Speaks Show. 

I was an Art History major at Mary Washington and one professor pointed out in our senior year that we needed to continue our interest and support of the arts after graduation and throughout our lives. I took this admonition to heart since I truly believe art is essential to spiritual well being. Being creative is an expression of who we are and how we interact with the world.
Our families were supportive of the arts. My family is full of people who draw and paint, especially my father, his sister and many cousins. We admire those who are artists and support artists."

Thank you for all you've done and continue to do for the Bay School!



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