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The Bay School’s next show, Americana is bursting with art that embodies the varied spirit of iconic American creativity and uniqueness. Traditionally Americana is defined by subject matter that is characteristic of American culture, folklore, people, places, history, and iconic themes. At such a challenging time, local and regional artists created some truly inspirational and meaningful artwork. 

There are a total of 15 artists represented in Americana. Artwork includes paintings, multimedia, jewelry, fiber art, outside art, photography, 3 dimensional art and pottery. Each piece of art in the Americana show is influenced by the artist’s interpretation of culture and heritage.  Some pieces can be described as nostalgic and will spark many visitors’ memories of simpler times. The range of subject matter and media in this show will be exciting to explore.

Americana begins June 26th. Visit the Bay School for Americana Monday-Saturday from 10-4:00. 

To see the collection click HERE