April Artist of the Month Alicia Daily


"The foundation of my art was built on a farm in NC where the natural world was part of our everyday life.  Ponies, dogs, cats, rainstorms, swimming in the lake, riding the trails, summers in the mountains all led me to a love of landscape, and a wonder for the creatures around me.  Vet school was the first direction which somehow led me to drawing classes at Duke where I was found sketching ponies in the Life C lass.  I built my career on horse art and pottery with the skills my mother taught me, and it paid for my horse showing habit.

Horses have always been the focus of my designs - they just gave me so much movement, and grace and humor.  Since I lived with them, I would always feel the way they moved and thought.  Horses led me into the world of all other animals, where they give us the privilege to peak into their world. This gives me plenty of inspiration to create or just express.  After my granddaughter was born we moved from the farm in VA to Charleston, where I had a whole new world to explore.  I came to love the beauty and grace of the sea, the marsh, and the birds.

Now I’m back in VA on the river and Bay and I’m still loving the birds. I spend half my time on the Eastern Shore where Chincoteague provides me with the of shore and ponies.  What could be better?  My art is about expressing beauty:  beautiful places and wonderful animals.  I’m not into realism.  I love to play, and simplify, and be creative.  I feel we are here to be creative, and I am lucky to have the opportunity and ability to give it a go."

- Alicia Daily

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