Art Speaks Juried Exhibition Award Sponsors

Since the Art Speaks on the Bay Juried Art Show began in 2013, generous patrons of the arts have sponsored the artists' awards. We are proud and thankful to have so many ardent supporters of the arts, and of artists, in our community. Please take a moment and read about this year's sponsors.

This year's Best in Show Award is in honor of Patty and Eric Rosenberg, longtime supporters of the Bay School and the arts. The award is sponsored by Friends of Patty and Eric:Julie Dayton, David and Mary Ann Carr, David and Linda Moorman, Dick and Adele Pogue, Lewis and MaryAnn Hubbard, Kathy Yent-White and Lloyd White, Dan and Kelsey Desmond, Mary Chapman, Mac and Gay Butler, and Alan and Lois Biddison.

We asked Patty to share why she and Eric are so passionate about the arts:

"Our commitment to the arts is deeply rooted in our social consciousness. We have tried to be supportive of the arts in general and the Bay School in particular. Early in the Bay School’s history I helped Wendy Wells when she called on us to contribute in many ways- giving of our time, talents and sweat equity, being on the board for ten years, doing invitations and decorations for the auction and chairing the auction and now helping with the Arts Speaks Show.

I was an Art History major at Mary Washington and one professor pointed out in our senior year that we needed to continue our interest and support of the arts after graduation and throughout our lives. I took this admonition to heart since I truly believe art is essential to spiritual well being. Being creative is an expression of who we are and how we interact with the world.

Our families were supportive of the arts. My family is full of people who draw and paint, especially my father, his sister and many cousins. We admire those who are artists and support artists."

Thank you, Patty and Eric, for all you've done and continue to do to support the arts! You will never be forgotten.


The award for 1st Place, 2-Dimensional Art is sponsored by Patty and Eric Rosenberg.

The award is named for Dorothy Gould Abare, Patty’s aunt. Dotti was a self-taught artist and animal lover. She loved old farmhouses and painting them. Many of her works in later years were of birds. She is remembered fondly for her encouragement of young artists.

This year the award honors Linda Walker, a founding member of the Art Speaks Juried Art Show Committee. Linda’s leadership was instrumental in the show’s success for the first six years, and her legacy lives on in today’s exhibition. Linda is a scrimshaw artist, an animal lover, and has been a tireless cheerleader and organizer for all things Art Speaks. Linda and her husband Robert generously sponsored awards for many years of the exhibition. She is now enjoying retirement in the local area.


The award for 1st Place, 3-Dimensional Art is sponsored by Josephine Thorpe. Josie is a champion of the Mathews community, with a special focus on the arts and local history.

The award is named for Chris McCann, who crafted many of the whimsical  works in Josie’s sculpture garden.  Chris had a big heart, a creative mind, and skilled hands, and a positive impact on many lives in Mathews.

This year the award is in memory of Wade Brooks, a founding member of the Art Speaks Juried Art Show Committee. Wade was a blacksmith and glassblower whose studio was on the Made in Mathews Open Studio Tour for many years. His thoughtful insights were invaluable to the development of the Art Speaks Exhibition, and he is greatly missed.


The 2nd Place, 2-Dimensional Art Award is sponsored by Jim and Amanda Taylor, longtime supporters of the Bay School. They honor Martha Anne King with the award:

“Jim and I have dedicated this award to Martha Ann King. Martha Ann exemplifies the spirit of the Bay School. She is an artist, a dedicated volunteer, a mentor and inspiration to many! Her infectious smile and enthusiasm is a treasure for all.”

We couldn’t agree more. Martha Anne has taken dozens of classes at the Bay School and exhibited many works in the gallery, including a piece in this exhibition. We are saddened to announce that Martha Anne has recently passed from this world.


The 2nd Place, 3-Dimensional Art Award is sponsored by Lester and Donna Van Winkle, and honors Jeanne Spain. Lester served as the judge for the 2018 Art Speaks Juried Exhibition, and recently judged the Art Speaks Gallery’s “Best in Show” category of the “All Creatures” exhibition.


The Award for 3rd Place, 2-Dimensional Art is sponsored by Pam and Jeff Doss, in memory of Ellen Garfield. Ellen loved the arts and was a great supporter of the Bay School, including sponsoring Art Speaks Juried Exhibition awards for six years. Her vibrant personality and generous spirit are missed.


The Award for 3rd Place, 3-Dimensional Art is sponsored by Mary Callis Pope, in memory of Claire Jones.

Claire was a talented artist, interior decorator and mentor. A native of New York City, Claire had been president of her own design company, involved in interior decorating and product design, before moving to Mathews in 1961. Painting in oil began as a self-taught interest followed by courses at the Museum of Modern Art and studies in architecture and design at Columbia University. After moving to Mathews, Claire was involved in many county activities. She was instrumental in starting a children’s art show in Mathews.


The Founders’ Award is sponsored and selected by Wendy Wells-Finn, Bay School Founder, and her husband Patrick Finn. This year the award honors Kim Moore, the Bay School’s first hired Executive Director.

From Wendy:  “Kim helped make it possible for me to step down and back from the Bay School gracefully. I knew that for the Bay School to thrive it had to belong to the community. It couldn't do that if I was still there. A couple of years after I left I read about "Founder's Syndrome". I'd made the right decision but it was hard. Kim worked hard, was easy to like and to trust, and she had a great sense of humor - she'll probably tell you that she was a saint to put up with me!!”


The Arts on Main Award recognizes our close relationship with our neighboring arts center, Gloucester Arts on Main.

The Award is sponsored by immediate past Chairman Bill Andersen and his wife Roxanna. The winning piece was selected by Betsy Henderson, Arts on Main’s Executive Director.


This is the first year for the Richmond Clayworks Award for Ceramic Excellence. Scott Campbell and his team at Clayworks of Richmond serve the Bay School’s pottery studio’s needs. The staff selected the winning piece together.


The Students’ Choice Awards are selected by advanced art students at Mathews High School, under the director of art teacher Rachel Morris.

Students’ Choice 2-Dimensional Art is sponsored by Mac and Gay Butler, in honor of their children.

Students’ Choice 3-Dimensional Art is sponsored by Janine and David Burns in partnership with past and present local area art teachers, Kathleen Reming, Ellen Walter, Cindee Progar, and Leslie Belvin. Janine believes "...the Bay School and the arts are vital to the Mathews community."



Five Awards of Merit are sponsored by dedicated Art Speaks Gallery supporters:

Ruth and Tim Morgan, Ruthie and Gordon Penick, Page Cutler, Rita Cutler, and Beth Smith