August Artist of the Month and Art Speaks Judge Nicole Santiago




Nicole M. Santiago holds a BFA in painting from Indiana University and an MFA in painting from the University of New Hampshire. She is an Associate Professor of Art at the College of William and Mary, where she teaches drawing, color theory, and 2D design. 

Santiago exhibits widely. Over the last 15 years, she has shown in over 100 group and solo exhibitions. She is also a member of the highly regarded First Street Gallery in New York City, where she exhibits often. Much of her works have been printed in art well-known art publications, including The Artist’s MagazineArt New England, and the International Painting Annual.

Artist Statement:

I strive to capture the isolated domestic moments surrounding me while also attending to the formal structure of the picture itself. In my works, I use commonplace objects to suggest internal and familial narratives, resulting in domestic scenes with layered yet straightforward story lines. And while storytelling is a positive driving force in my work, it always remains subservient to the broader formal concerns of the image. I find my subject through the process. I generally run through multiple narratives in the course of a painting, never sacrificing the formal structure of the picture for the story. My intent is to make images that engage the viewer through both the subject matter and the underlying aesthetic.

 As I am not bound to the story lines that incite my work, I am also not tied to a singular way of constructing a piece. And while working from direct observation is my preferred method, I do not consider myself a perceptual purist. I sometimes find it necessary to use other methods of construction. My works are often a composite of approaches, constructed from observing several set-ups within my studio. To experiment with major compositional or color adjustments, I regularly use Photoshop or simple paper collage - cutting, pasting, and adjusting until it "feels right." I apply the changes to the physical set-ups and the painting, working my way around until the image works.

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