August Artist of the Month Sara Abbitt



"Art has always been an escape for me. Maybe because it helps me to express my deepest, most internal thoughts and desires; or to hide away from something I fear. Painting, especially, has been my way of creating a world of which I do not live in. I try to take the beautiful aspects from this one and paint them in my wonderful hideaway. Portraiture of people and animals have been my favorite forms to recreate. I paint people that I find unique and that I'm somehow drawn to. Although in this show, I'm presenting a self portrait and a painting of my best friend Cameron, because he was the most wonderful people I've ever known. The paintings of the bee, bear, and koi fish are just simply creatures I find fascinating. Lastly, the woman walking on the beach and the siren are odes to the water around us. There is simply so much beauty in this world that is so overlooked, and I love showcasing these wonderful creatures."

- Sara Abbitt


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