Celebrating Black Art



"Heritage Roots" by photographer Bernadette Goudelock

The Celebrating Black Art show in the Art Speaks Gallery runs from January 29th through February 22nd. There are a total of 8 talented artists participating in this show.  Many of the participating artists are new exhibitors to the Art Speaks Gallery. Others such as Bernadette Goudelock and Susan Drew Hayhurst have exhibited in the Art Speaks on the Bay Juried Exhibition. Celebrating Black Art will showcase artwork by Black artists and artwork depicting Black culture. All artists that enter and exhibit in Art Speaks Gallery are either local or regional artists. Come by and enjoy the expressive artwork in this exhibit.

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LIVE videos:

Saraya Cheney LIVE in her studio 1/26/21 CLICK  HERE

Conway Telfeyan LIVE in the gallery 2/5/21 CLICK HERE  

To see the collection in a LIVE video 2/9/21 CLICK HERE


Meet the Artists

"My early photography experience started in black and white photography, it’s how I was introduced to the art of photography. For many years my focus was black and white historical architectural images as it perfectly combined my two passions-- history and fine art photography. I did not embrace color photography until relatively recently when I got into digital photography. I slowly ventured more and more into color images, using the vivid colors to seize the attention of the viewer along with an atypical point of view. My forte is capturing creative angles. I find myself at any given time stopping and setting up a photograph’s angle in my mind’s eye even if I do not have my camera with me. When I create my completed pieces, how I will frame/present my photography for a gallery presentation, I sometimes think I should go the route of the plain structured white mat black frame showing. But I find that I am more satisfied in presenting my photography using the framing as an extension of the artwork.             Bernadette Goudelock


"As an Artist and Musician/Songwriter, I am by nature a storyteller. It doesn’t matter if my story is told on canvas or in song. Whether it’s intentional or not, ideas overlap and influence each other during the process of creating. I’m a painter. My medium of choice is color pastel on paper or oil on canvas. I love the intimacy of the chalk in my hands, the quickness of application on canvas, and the vividness of color on the surface…I embrace the journey"                              Jackie Merritt


“Art for me, as an artist is that of EXPLORATION and COLOR, with its’ relationship to lines, shapes and spaces.  While capturing the feel of form through unity and balance compositionally, I experiment with paint and mixed media.  In summation of my artworks, I explore, express and use symbols to capture a peoples’ figurative and genre representation of both traditional and anew cultural African American- People of Color experiences.”                  Cynthia Potter


"My artworks basically deal with shapes that exist in their environment. These shapes are usually humanistic forms. These shapes and forms are created using strong graphic liner lines. While utilizing the negative and positive spaces in which these forms exit. Expression of stories pertaining to peoples struggles, dreams and aspirations is my intention."                                                         Willis M. Potter


"My artwork is a way for me to unveil what is deep in my spirit, expressing what truly moves me. Inspiration for my paintings comes from God’s creation in nature or in humanity. Whether it is the unblemished beauty of a newly blooming flower or the unworthy expression on a old women’s face, that moment in time is captured. In the eyes and faces of the people I paint, is written their story, their lives past or present and the circumstances that unites them. My desire is to invite the viewer in to feel and to question."                                                   Susan Drew Hayhurst


"I enjoy creating art that inspires and increases self-awareness. I intentionally create work that gives rise to emotions with a hope to encourage critical thinking and better communication among humankind; using literal, metaphoric and figurative expressions to convey my message. My inspiration comes from the cares of everyday life as well as significant historical and current events. My mediums of choice are graphite, watercolor, acrylic and mixed media from time to time."                                                                                                                    Michelle Richardson


"I create site specific works that tell the story of a specific environment, or place, through observation, research and the use of nature journals. I begin by observing the flora and fauna of the environment, getting to know the ways in which they interact and relate to one another. This could mean spending time out in marshes observing the wildlife or drifting along in my kayak while sketching the shoreline. Once back in my studio, I use these field studies to create pen & ink works that weave together a narrative of those observations and interactions. The pen & ink works are often exploratory pieces for future woodblock prints. In the creation of each piece it is always my aim to show the beauty of these vanishing spaces and, hopefully, pass along the importance of preserving these places and all of the living things within them."                                             Saraya Cheney


"My art is inspired by life and the events surrounding the beauty and endeavors of life.  My primary subjects are from nature and people doing everyday as well as extraordinary things. In recent years my concentration has been in watercolor and charcoal.  I am challenged and inspired by the luminous quality of watercolor with an emphasis on light and rich colors in nature and portraiture. My submission to this show is “Billy Flora. December, 1775”.  This painting was inspired and motivated by the recent exhibit at the “Great Bridge Battlefield and Waterways Foundation” in Chesapeake, VA.  I did extensive research related to this specific battle, the hero Billy Flora and the culture, attire and geography related to the battle.  I also wanted to create something important about this local hero.  I hope to do more paintings of what may be considered “faceless” Americans who gave important contributions but who have not been represented in art.  My study of watercolor has focused recently on the work of internationally acclaimed artist,  Mary Whyte."  Conway Telfeyan