Contemporary Folk Art Show



Contemporary Folk Art, the current exhibition in the Art Speaks Gallery, runs through April 26th. The concept for the show revolves around folk art that has been recently created by participating artists. Folk Art can include a wide range of subject matter and styles. Unlike other genres of art, which can be easily identified by a particular style or time period, folk art is very broad and can be difficult to define. The term “folk art” typically refers to textiles made in 17th century North America, however it can also include art that has been created by native cultures. Traditional folk art from the past that is now considered antique includes artwork such as weathervanes, carved figurines, painted game boards, quilts and other whimsical objects that were not originally intended to be artwork. Many folk artists are self-taught or sometimes apprenticed and do not receive any formal training. Folk artwork is often described as primitive due to the fact that many folk artists are not concerned with rules of perspective and proportion.  Other terms for folk art are outsider art, traditional art, primitive art, and tramp art. 

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