ExtravaGala - A Royal Celebration of the Arts

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A heartfelt speech from Executive Director, Pam Doss:
Good evening. Thank you all for being here to celebrate with us tonight.

We are thankful for another year of bringing art to our community in meaningful, powerful ways.  

Art is a healer, of physical and emotional wounds. Of atrophy and apathy. Of loneliness and when the world is just too much.

Art is a catalyst, for mindfulness and vision, for dealing with reality and for awakening the imagination.

Art is a tool, for communication, for speaking, and for listening.  For seeing and reflecting what each of us sees.

Art is the heart of what we do as an organization, and as a community. Art brings us together and gives us a common purpose. Art speaks to us, and art is our voice.

Our mission is to, quite simply, Find the Artist in You.  In every You we can reach, be it through our art classes, our gallery, our summer camps, or our outreach programs.   We teach, we learn, we collaborate, and we do it together, as a community of teachers, students, volunteers, and patrons.  I challenge anyone here to claim only one of those roles.  Each person in this tent helps make the Bay School become the Crown Jewel of Mathews.  

I thank you for your gifts of time, energy, talent, love, and money.  All of these are crucial not only to our continued success, but our survival.  Tonight is a celebration of our gifts and our givers, and an opportunity to ask you all to help us keep art alive.  Your generous donations are the greatest source of income for the Bay School.  Your financial support shows you value our mission and our impact in Mathews.  

The Bay School has an incredibly bright future.  We are thoughtfully and excitedly planning our future, the future of the arts in our community.  We hope to start the new year with a plan to share with you. In the meantime, we will continue to do our work and share our art.  Larry is going to ask you to raise your hand and open your hearts and wallets.  I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so.  There are pledge cards in your folders if you would prefer to give in another manner.

You have my sincere and heartfelt thanks.  



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