ExtravaGala Collaborative Art Project

A Collaborative Art Project - Queen's Creek

The piece is finished and on display at the ExtravaGala!  John and Becky Mayfield, hosts of the ExtravaGala, purchased the CAP during the auction portion of the event.  The scene almost exactly matches the view from their lawn.


Pam working on the tile portion- deciding on color placement, underpainting the ground, and laying sand in the silicone "grout" to provide color and texture.


The progress over the last couple of weeks is pretty incredible!  Who wants to start the bidding?


The painting is really striking at this point.  Cynthia Ray was in the gallery creating a collage on the peninsula of land to the right.

Linda paints her side of the water with water-based oils and a palette knife.

The piece is starting to come together!

Start planning your bid for the night of the ExtravaGala - you'll want to take this home with you. 

Rebecca and Mary Ann, members of the ExtravaGala committee, pose with Gary while he paints another layer on the sky.

Larry and Gary work on the water together.


Pam cut slices of textured clay using a "wiggle wire".

She made test tiles for the beach/shore.  She will do some test firings work out how to create her color palette. 

 Janet's felted tree grows in soft contrast to Gary's painted sky.



Janet Griffin will be crafting tree and bushes from wool felting - she has begun the process at home.  

Beautiful color and texture!


      It has begun!

Libbie traced the drawing onto tracing paper so the artists could transfer lines back to the board where areas overlap.

Pam used the tracing to create templates for her clay pieces.



Eight local artists will work in different media to bring this collaborative piece to life.  The sketch will be revealed on Saturday, June 4.  The work will be done in the Art Speaks Gallery during open hours, so stop by and share in the excitement!  Pictures will be posted as the work progresses.  The piece will be displayed in the Bay School window throughout the process.  The final masterpiece will be auctioned at the ExtravaGala on September 24. Click on the artists' names to read more about them.

Thursday, June 16 - Sky - Gary Edmondson - acrylic paint 

Saturday, June 25 and July 30 - Trees and shoreline shrubs - Janet Griffin - wool felting and other fiber

Saturday, July 16 - Shoreline - Pam Doss - pottery 

Thursday, July 21 - Water - Linda Hollett-Bazouzi - water-based oil paint applied with a palette knife  

Saturday, August 6 - Hill and house - Cynthia Ray - collage

Saturday, August 20 - Boats - Larry Ashe - acrylic

Saturday, August 27 - Horizon line - Ron Taylor - metal

Saturday, September 3 - Trees on the hill - Steph Brown - curly wire | Shore - Pam Doss - pottery

Saturday, September 10 - Shore - Pam Doss - pottery