July Artist of the Month Julia Dorsey


"It would be hard for me to talk about my art and not mention the Bay School Community Art Center.  I had long ago buried my creative parts in order to survive and keep a roof over my head.  My introduction to clay 4 years ago at the Bay School has been life changing in more ways than I could have imagined.

  Clay, both stoneware and porcelain, challenges me and excites me.  Clay allows me to be playful as well as serious and everything in between.  My love of color, texture and nature has always been an important part of me.  It all comes together for me as a clay artist and potter.  There are times when my mind runs wild with visions of the things I can create with clay.  There are color combinations to try, different ways to express emotions, and so much more.  I am especially inspired by the natural things around me.  The colors and little things in nature are so often overlooked as we hurry through our busy days.

  I want my creations to make people smile, to bring them pleasure and enjoyment.  I want the love I put into my art to be felt.  I hope that my art will remind you to really ‘see’ that insect, plant or creature and be as in awe of it as I am.

  I welcome and encourage you to stop by the Bay School Community Art Center and see what they have to offer.  There is amazing art in so many different mediums and they offer all kinds of art classes.  I never could have imagined that I would ever get to enjoy art so much and be part of such a great community.  Many thanks to the Bay School staff and community!!!"

-Julia Dorsey

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