July Artist of the Month Lois Biddison


July Artist of the Month Lois Biddison


My background is graphic arts. I started while in college with a part time job in print production. My career in advertising spanned 3 agencies and one corporation.  In 1987 I opened a small advertising and marketing company. 

I started painting after I retired in 2001. Laura Loe (VFMA), Barclay Sheaks (Bay School), David Tanner (Vis Arts)  and Lisa Fisher Johnson (Vis Arts) all played major roles in my painting style. My main medium is oil although I am now an ‘artist in training’ with watercolors!

If I have an artist statement it would be to start and let the colors and shapes define the work.  My favorite paintings seem to have painted themselves.  Because the shapes just seemed to connect and tell me where to go.

I definitely paint for enjoyment. My favorite subjects are water related but I also like still life. I grew up in Mathews and returned here to live in my childhood home. These paintings reflect my love of the water and how reflections create the subject. 

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