July Artist of the Month Susan Sills

To see Susan's LIVE video at her home click HERE


The July Artist of the Month at the Bay School is Susan Sills of Weems, VA. There are a total 7 canvas paintings in her exhibit, all of which capture the flora and fauna that inspire her.  Susan grew up in a military family and has lived in Alabama, West Virginia, Texas, and Nebraska as well as Germany. 

At the age of 24 Susan began painting by copying Audubon prints. She felt that it was an excellent way to begin learning the craft of applying paint. Susan felt that Audubon prints were clear yet simple to learn from.

She now resides near Weems, Virginia in a home that she built herself! At one point Susan learned to install solar panels, lights, and fans and converted her van into a camper. She later packed up two dogs and 7 chickens and traveled to the west coast and back, hiking and camping all the way.  Susan now lives with her dog Sasha, an Azawakh. Azawakhs are a rare breed originally from Sahel, North Africa.  Susan also has many breeds of chickens such as Sultans, Serama, Ohiki, Cochin, and Bantam Polish. Her animals are often her inspiration as well as models. In particular Clyde an Ohiki are her most frequent models due to their docile natures. When Susan is not painting she enjoys nature walks with Sasha, taking photos, gardening, and reading.

To view Susan's collection click HERE