June Artist of the Month Janet Griffin



"I consider myself a hand-weaver. I work with cotton and wool yarns on a four shaft loom; to build fabric as well as tapestries. In the Bay School exhibit, I have included two woven tapestries. I use a cotton warp background on my loom and inlay wool yarns to create an image, as I with a cotton background.  My tapestries are based on the techniques developed by Theo Moorman; a weaver from England, who worked in the 40s and 50s.

I am also a fiber artist. I find felted wool extremely creative. Felted paintings, bowls, flowers and purses are inspired by function as well as colors. As you can tell, I am very much drawn into textures. I do love how soft fluffy wool can be transformed by water to create a thick fabric.

I’d like to think of my Bay School exhibit, here in Mathews county, as a testament to “My very own backyard.” My work includes images I can find in my backyard, in my neighborhood, and in my state of Virginia. Yes, I am rather inspired by nature."

~ Janet Griffin

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