June Artist of the Month: Robert Voigt

Robert Voigt is an artist whose medium is wood, preferably used in its natural state to the extent possible.  He lives on a creek in Lanexa, VA where he finds much of the wood with which he works. He also scavenges pieces from his property and from land that is being cleared for construction. Since retiring, he has more time to explore what is possible while trying to preserve the natural beauty of the wood. He has participated in the Greater Lanexa Studio Tour for several years.

Creative Process and Artist's Statement

My primary interest is in creating whimsical fish and three-dimensional abstracts from wood that I collect from a variety of places including the creek I live on. The fish are inspired by fish we have observed on snorkeling trips my wife and I have taken in oceans around the world. I like to use the natural state of the wood to the degree possible. For example, a knot in a piece of wood might become the eye of a fish or a natural edge is a likely candidate for a fin. The abstracts use a large variety of different woods so that the natural grain and color provide an interesting visual experience.

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