June Artist of the Month Tom Zuk

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Tom Zuk is an artist who loves to experiment with a broad range of media, including charcoal, graphite, acrylics, oils, watercolor, pen and ink, and pastels. His latest works are explorations in mixed media, involving painted wood cutouts with epoxy finish mixed with glitter paper, rhinestones, foils, and acrylic on canvas. He usually works in abstract as well as delineating semi-abstract figures, faces, and natural forms such as trees.

Tom began painting at about 23 years of age while renting a small studio in Ithaca, New York, and unofficially auditing painting courses at Cornell University. During this time Tom also worked construction to support himself.

Tom studied philosophy of religion and received a BA from UVA. He also received a Masters in Architecture from Virginia Tech in 1977 and subsequently worked in the field of commercial architecture until the summer of 2007, when he left architecture to concentrate on his art interests.  Tom has received no formal art training other than visiting lots of museums, reading, and examining great works of art.

Tom has won numerous awards beginning with his very first show 43 years age. His artwork is in private collections throughout the United States and Europe. Tom has also been represented in numerous outdoor art shows in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Reston, Richmond, Alexandria, Baltimore and Germantown, Md. He has also exhibited in Art Basel, Miami

Tom's current collection in the Bay School includes pieces created during the Shut Down. The series includes a lot of black, but also a lot of bright primary colors, perhaps representing a darkness that has descended upon us, yet at the same time, color and life is still all around us. The faux diamonds surrounding all the delineated forms suggests the proverbial silver lining, which hopefully will become evident as time goes by.


"The Dove", represents peace and is accompanied by an image of a  smiling sun.

"The Accident" depicts a vehicle accident on a street corner, a metaphor for the accidental release of a deadly virus.

"Person with One Elongated Arm" describes how people have been cut off and transfigured from their normal daily lives. The nevertheless smiling figure is also near a smiling sun image.

"The Diamond Trail" might suggest that there is a path out there that shines for each of us.

"Abstract Delineation #1" suggests empty city streets and parks.

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