Laurel Shelter Arts Outreach

The Laurel Shelter is a place of safety, security, support and healing. The women and children who come to call this place home are given a support system that aids in the process of building themselves back up after having their family lives shattered by domestic violence or sexual assault. We at the Bay School Community Arts Center are honored to provide a creative respite for the women and children living there. Through a variety of media, incorporation of art therapies and the building of intentional relationships with each program participant, Outreach Coordinator, Saraya Cheney, is able to foster creativity and inspire them on their journey to becoming whole once again. This program, as well as many others, is fully supported by grants from generous donors and supporters of The Bay School.

"These classes provide a sense of empowerment. Most victims are reluctant to participate at first claiming lack of creative skills. After the first class they are pleased with what they create. An exceptional program for victims and their children." - Cherie Stone, Director