March Artist of the Month Susannah Raine



"My business is named for my grandmother, ZouZou (short for Missouri): years ago when her house was being cleaned out, a trip to
her basement yielded many items that anyone who had been through
the Great Depression would hold on to: aluminum pie plates, jars and cans, and terracotta flower pots.
I took some of the pots, painted a few and gave them as gifts. then people began to pay me to paint things, and thus,
ZouZou’s Basement was born.
I actually do all of my painting and paper pieces in my attic -- not the basement. It is a large room piled with paint, ribbon, paper, and bits and pieces of ephemera. I love making notecards, collages, and other paper products while sitting in my “paper pond”. I also love the smell of oil paint in the morning, especially while drinking lots of coffee, eating candy, and listening to music. My work has been described as “hopeful” ...and I hope it makes you smile. "- Susannah Raine


Susannah will be the guest artist at the Latin dinner March 15th!
To view Susannah's collection CLICK HERE