November Artist of the Month Gayle Merrill

November Artist of the Month, Gayle Merrill’s exhibit will run through November 30.   Gayle lives in Gloucester, Virginia, on the North River. She enjoys painting with the abundance of light in her home studio.  Gayle’s oil paintings have an emphasis on light and color.  Boats, landscapes, water reflections, flowers and sunlight are her main themes. A strong influence on her work has been Edward Hopper, whose favorite subject was “to paint sunlight on the side of a house” with some of his main subjects being seascapes and rural landscapes.  Also, the colors and layers of paint that the impressionist, Claude Monet, used are important in her work.

"Crimson Splash":  These red and white geraniums were in my garden that summer.  My favorite color combination is Red and White, because it is so happy, and that inspired this painting.


"Super Pinky Azaleas":  When we bought our home in Gloucester, I planted 85 azaleas in the yard.  The most prolific were the pink ones and pink in nature is so showy against all of nature's greens, which excited me to do this painting!


“Red Dogwood”:  My son planted this red dogwood for mother’s day in our front yard many many years ago.  The blooms last spring were the prettiest yet, so I wanted to do this painting of his tree.


“Marina on Davis Creek”:  During many of our trips on the Mobjack Bay in our boat, we stumbled upon this old marina on Davis Creek.  I loved the old red building right on the edge of the marina where the fishermen would come to dock their fishing boats.  This red structure next to the water with all those incredible reflections and those beautiful trees behind it, really inspired me to do this painting.


“Yellow Sailboat on North River”:  While boating on the North River, we rode pass the Hick’s Family, (my husband’s family friends) sailing their Bay Sailer on that beautiful day.  The sky was so beautiful, I just wanted to paint those yellow sails against that pretty sky!



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