Old to New Show



The Old to new show in the Art Speaks Gallery is a varied collection of artwork that incorporates up-cycled, rec-cycled and reused components to create new pieces of art. Artists were quite imaginative with their choices and directions that they applied to create their NEW artwork. Some used recycled components such as Tom Zuk who incorporated wood scraps in his work. Some such as Pat Whitlow and Tim Dooley used combinations of vintage objects to create great conversation pieces as well as art. Marilou Bray McCrosky used oyster shells from George Washington's birthplace to make her oyster shell necklaces. Cynthia Plessinger used shells, glass and debris that washed ashore on Haven Beach after Hurricane Isaias to make her beautiful window mosaics. Wood artist Sam Forrest and Pat Andrews used fallen trees to make into exquisite and unique furniture. Pat Andrews also used metal objects such as old scuba tanks and rail road ties to turn into amazing sculptures and useable items for the home. In addition to the artists mentioned here are many more in the Old to New exhibit that found incredible ways to reuse something OLD and make it NEW. Some of the components are obvious and some are not. That is what makes this show so interesting. Visit the gallery and see if you can pick out the  the re-used, re-cycled and up-cycled aspects from each piece of artwork.

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