Our Board

Did you know the Bay School is a non-profit? We operate under the leadership of a Board of Directors. This group of dedicated, passionate volunteers is instrumental in the Bay School's continued success, shaping strategy and supporting our staff in their daily work of fulfilling our mission.


 Michael Swiderski, Chair


Dr.Michael Swiderski, the current Board of Director chairman of the Bay School Community Arts Center has been a business owner in Mathews for 17 years.  His background and interests are diverse.  He is an entrepreneur, has been a tenured professor at two universities, and held two dean positions at the university level as well.  He has a string of academic publications and held position as editor of an international academic journal.  His love of the outdoors matches his passion for art and working with wood inside and outside of old and historic structures.  He prides himself on developing cooperative teamwork and collaboration amongst colleagues.  When he is not outside working on old houses, or rebuilding his 1930’s farmhouse, you can find him in his office with his business colleagues, on the corner, right across the street from the Bay School in Frenchy’s Historic Pool Hall (remodeled of course).

Michael can be reached at his personal e-mail (galeforcepirate1@gmail.com) or by phone (804.815.4625)

Marsha Morgan, Vice Chair

Marsha is in her 2nd year as a board member and currently serves as the Vice-Chair. She has lived in Mathews for almost 30 years with her husband, Ashby Morgan, who was raised in Mathews. She is a mother of three, currently a grandmother of one with two more on the way. Her family means everything to her. She looks forward to retirement and spending even more time with her grandchildren.

 Marsha’s first experience with the Bay School was shopping in the gallery. A friend asked her to take a class one day and she has been hooked ever since. She has taken many types of art classes over the years, the majority of which were with the Bay School. She is impressed with the support the school provides to the community, and was honored when she was asked to join the board. She really admired the school’s ability to continue to serve the community even in a pandemic, one of them being the art to go kits for children of various age groups. She enjoys attending, and volunteering for, the many events offered by the school. She says the Bay School Community Arts Center has something for everyone and suggests that you take advantage of any or all it has to offer. You will not be disappointed.



Lisa White, Treasurer

Lisa has been a resident of Mathews with her husband for the past twenty years, originally arriving via the East River and discovering a property for sale where she could keep her sailboat.  Her interests are diverse, with a degree in mathematics and a MS degree in physical oceanography, she is passionate about sailing, scuba diving, yoga and art.  After enjoying time as an oceanographer and being at sea, she designed their platinum certified green home as an artistic expression of sustainability.   She is currently a business owner with her husband and has recently become a yoga instructor.   

She introduced her boys to art at the Bay School, and believes art is important for children in developing cognitive, social-emotional and multisensory skills. Lisa took a pottery class at the Bay School, then another, and another, she was hooked!  Her mother, an artist, has also taken classes at the Bay School.  With a love of art and design, she expresses her creativity through underwater photography, stone sculpting, pottery, and enjoys new opportunities of expression through the Bay School’s classes and events. 

She feels that being on the board is an honor and enables her to help bring art opportunities to the Mathews community.  The Bay School brings joy and creativity to all who enter, and being involved is a wonderful way to give back to our community.

Ray Stubblebine, Secretary

Ray Stubblebine retired to Mathews after a 48-year career as an award-winning photojournalist working for The Associated Press and later Reuters, based in New York City. He covered news and sports events in various parts of the world including numerous political conventions, Presidential campaigns, Super Bowls and World Series.

While photography has been an avocation throughout his life, he is also an authority on the American Arts and Crafts Movement and particularly Gustav Stickley, the visionary furniture maker and tastemaker prominent in the early part of the 20th Century. He has written the book Stickley’s Craftsman Homes (Gibbs-Smith, 2006) and he served for 35 years as a trustee of The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms, Gustav Stickley’s home in Parsippany, New Jersey.

He and his wife Ula Ilnytzky live in the Glebe section of Mathews. 

Ray supports the Bay School as a center for the arts in the Middle Peninsula, both for its support of local artists and for its educational outreach. 



Amy Chase

  I have been involved in art since I was a child.  Growing up in The Fan in Richmond ART has been everywhere for me. Attending classes at The Handwork Shop (The Visual Arts Center) attending day camps at VCU to having private art classes.  I want the same for my children. Bay School Community offers this!  Mathews is lucky to have such a thriving  artistic community and a place to share it.  Being part of the board I hope I can share and help BSCAC grow and share the same joy!

Christine Corbin

Christine Corbin is a local Mathews Artist and Estate Appraiser.  She has spent 35 years as a Certified Art and Antique Appraiser and Fine Art Broker, traveled across the US, and served on various National and International Boards and Councils, including: The International Society of Appraisers, The Appraisal Foundation in Washington, DC (working with the US Appraisal Subcommittee), the Virginia Auctioneers Board, Historic Richmond Foundation, and as an expert witness for the Appraisal Qualifications Board. Christine has served as co-chair of Historic Richmond’s Council Garden Day Tour. She was Auction Director and Senior Appraiser at Shields Auction and also Motley’s Auction’s Antique Division for a compiled 19 years. She retired her auction license in 2014. In 2007 Christine started her own business, Corbin Appraisal Services, Inc. and completes her appraisal swan song in 2023, moving off into painting, creating art, and serving the community and most importantly family. Family is her primary focus; she is a mother of 2, grandmother of 5, and happy mother-in-law. In addition to focusing on family, she volunteers through the Bay School Community Arts Center, and the Made in Mathews Open Studio Tour and as a Virginia Master Naturalist Volunteer.


Lorraine Forrest

Lorraine believes the children are the future of Mathews, and dedicates her time to increasing opportunities for local children to thrive. She is looking forward to developing new community partnerships with the Bay School to expand art opportunities for youth within the county.

Lex Foster

I am glad to be part of the Bay School.  As a school administrator, I enjoy connecting with organizations that promote the arts and includes our students.  The Bay School is a treasure to our community.  

Sherri Hamm

I retired from Healthcare after almost 22 years and returned to finish my college degree. I found myself in need of an organization to work with in finalizing my last school project. I reached out to the Executive Director, Pam (a former employee of mine) for help, and she did not bat an eye. She said YES, come help us and she challenged me to move in a totally different direction for my project and I was able to complete my degree requirements. Pam knew what she was doing, getting me in the door because she knew the jewel this organization is.

What I have found is once I was here, I was hooked! I have a natural love of the arts, music, theater, and more. I was in band and chorus in school so love the musical side of art. I also grew up with a father who had an artistic talent for drawing and performing. I attended all of his theatrical performances and productions and my house contains his artwork on the walls.

All of that aside, Pam knew what she was doing when she said YES, come help us. This organization reaches deep inside and reels you into the work that they do, the mission and vision they live and the level of commitment they demonstrate to the community is something others should emulate.

The Bay School pushes you to be the best version of yourself as a board member to ensure that this organization is here for the community now and forever! I am grateful to be asked to serve on the Board and I look forward to continuing the work of bringing art in all forms to the local community.

Marymac Hoffman

After relocating to the Mathews area to retire, I learned of the Bay School Community Arts Center.  Being a teacher of almost forty years, I am a lifelong learner and always looking for a new experience. During my past 40 years I have been committed to providing my scholars the best education possible offering many resources and opportunities but that didn't leave time for me to explore new things.  Now that I have retired, I wanted to experience the many facets of the visual arts and so I started taking classes at the Bay School Community Arts Center. The classes are so engaging and with every class I am learning a new technique that I didn't know how to do before. The Bay School Community Arts Center offers many community events that I have participated in and met many people in the Mathews community. Some of these events I enjoyed were: Empty Bowls, Mathews Market Days, Mathews Studio Tours and the live streaming videos highlighting the many artists in Mathews county.I'm currently serving my 3rd year on the board of the Bay School on the fundraising committee. I've enjoyed bringing a new perspective to this committee and showing how smaller events can be very welcoming and successful.

Sonia Schursky

My husband and I moved to Mathews County a little over 15 years ago. When we came to visit we instantly fell in love with the small town feel and the safe environment to provide for our future children. This is one thing that the Bay School epitomizes. It creates a safe environment for our children to allow their imagination to grow. It gives them the tools and support that they need to let their talents shine. My son Atticus has been going to the Bay School since he was old enough to attend classes and has thoroughly enjoyed all of them. I cannot wait till my younger son is old enough to join him also. While I am not artistically talented I’ve also enjoyed several classes at the Bay School, because who doesn't like to show off something they created on their own.  They always make everyone feel comfortable and welcome no matter what the level of skill you have. I feel the outreach programs that they have for the children, the long-term care facilities, and for children with special needs is a very important initiative for our small community.  I am really excited to be a part of helping keep this important venue for artistic enrichment thriving and continuing to expand. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of something wonderful!

Aiden Sowers

I chose to accept this position because the Bay School is an absolutely amazing organization that I have incredibly fond memories of. I also believe that the bay school is a staple to the arts and culture of Mathews and the work that they do in the community is inspiring and empowering. I feel that I bring a unique perspective to the board being a young person with a wide variety of interests in the arts. What inspires me is seeing other artists create amazing art and beautiful music and it inspires me to want to try new things.

 I am currently a student at Mathews High School. I've lived in Mathews my entire life (admittedly I've only been alive for 17 years) and love creating art in all forms. My main art form is performing music however I do enjoy drawing in my free time as well. During my junior year of high school I was the principal harpist for the Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra. I am also a member of my school's choir and marching band. I intend to pursue studying music in college as a Harp performance major. I've taken a few classes through the bay school and I always felt so welcome and supported by the amazing artist instructors. I'm so thrilled to be part of such a wonderful organization that provides so much joy and support to our community.

Ashley Wenner

As a mother of two elementary aged girls who has had a lifetime love of music, drama, and art, I am always excited to find local organizations that use their gifts and talents to share and teach others. The Bay School first grabbed my attention during the pandemic, as they created simple ways for me to engage my children at home with take home craft kits. I decided to serve, in part, because I know that my own children desperately need creative outlets that involve their hands and brain power aside from screens and technology. With so many options and mediums of art and creativity, they are bound to find endless interests and talents that otherwise are not readily available to them in our fast paced learning environments. It is our responsibility as a society to revive and inspire skills that are useful and unique , like sewing and sculpting and water color, and to foster individuality among all ages. People young and old can start here at the Bay School, and I'm proud to be assisting that movement.