Painting, Poetry, and Prose: A Creative Encounter

June 4 - July 9; Reception Saturday, June 4, 4-6pm



 The Chesapeake Bay branch of the National League of American Pen Women will present an exhibition of writing and art at the Bay School Community Arts Center in Mathews. For this show, members submitted original works of art and/or poetry or prose in November 2015.  These works provided seeds to inspire the members to create a second collection of art and writing.  The show will exhibit both the seeds and the works they inspired.  The artists and writers will be at the opening to discuss their works.  Many of the works will be available for purchase.  Established in 1897, Pen Women is one of the oldest arts organizations of professional female artists, composers, and writers in the United States.  It has 135 branches.  Participating members of the Chesapeake Bay branch of Pen Women are Regina Gerstman, Bev McMillan, Kathleen Noffsinger, Dara Leblanc Haynes, Mary Ann Car, Dorothy Fagan, Donna Will, Nancy Powell, Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, Harriet Galbraith, Gail Kenna, Monti Sikes, Joyce Stedelbauer, Martha Anne King, Susan Camp, Rebecca Grow, Mary Jo Beswick, Mary Buxton, Rita Cutler, Julie Dayton, Ann DeFee, Sarah Honenberger, Amanda Haley, Peggy Newcomb, Cynthia Ray, Ann Shalaski, Susan Rosen, Patricia Beck, Karen Gutcher, and Diana Jamison.