Sculpture and Garden Art Show

To see the show artwork click here. To see a video tour click here.

Sculpture and Garden Art is the current show featured at the Bay School Community Arts Center and Art Speaks Gallery. Sculpture and Garden Art will run from March 27th through May 26th.  The artwork from this show features sculpture that can go in or outdoors and a variety of garden inspired art. Artwork from several sculptors will be on display. There is a wide variety of garden inspired art in this show such as; pottery bird feeders, glass art, vases, garden wall art, potters, fiber art, and photography. Participating artists are both local and regional. The exhibition will be frequently rearranged to offer different views through the front windows, so if you are out and about, stop by and take a peek.

Artwork created from Bay School Art-to-Go kits will also be on display. The artwork will be displayed along with the other entries in the Sculpture and Garden Art show as well as in Bay School window displays. Youth in the outreach programs will view the show online and vote on a “Kids’ Choice” award for their favorite piece from the show. Watch our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates!

The Sculpture and Garden Art opening day is March 27th. There will be a virtual video and still photograph tour of the artwork on display in the gallery. New artwork may come in over the next month, so check back to see it online and look for updated virtual tours!