September Artist of the Month Dennis Rundlett



As long as I can remember I've had an interest in art and photography, which led to a BFA degree from the University South Dakota. I was an illustrator in the Air Force, and later graphic artist and photographer with the Army Corps of Engineers.  I have always admired the skill and realism of the old masters, and I strive to put some of those qualities into most of my paintings. I like to paint a variety of subjects; I enjoy the challenge.  I also like to paint from old historical photographs, such as local history.

 ~ Dennis Rundlett

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"Luke 8:24" (And they came to Him and awoke Him saying Master, Master we are perishing.)Canvas size 24x30"

I consider this a God inspired painting. The idea of doing this painting kept coming back to me time and time again, and finally, after doing a lot of research, I completed the painting.

"Poplar Grove Tide Mill"- Mathews, VA, Canvas size 18x24"

Poplar Grove House and Mill were built by Samuel Williams, who came to Virginia looking for a good place to build a Mill. It was built in 1742 and operated until 1910, when the main shaft broke. It was partially burned during the Civil War.

 "Golgotha", Canvas size  11x14"

This painting was inspired by a photo I took at a Christmas pageant several years ago.

 "Williams Wharf, 1950's", Canvas size  24x30"

Williams Wharf as it would have appeared in the mid 1950s with 3 recognizable boats of the era: the MARY E, the FREDERICK W. AYERS and the              MAVA KATHRYN.

 "B-17s Over Europe" ( A tribute to veterans), Canvas size  24x30

This painting was inspired by a photograph in a 1950 publication of "The Complete History of WW2"  that my Dad gave me many years ago. I consider it a tribute to all veterans of that war.