The Amazing Raise

 Thank you for your donations!

Join us in this Amazing fundraiser sponsored by The Community Foundation!

This is an online fundraising event that takes place from 6 a.m. September 16 to 6 p.m. September 17 at you can donate to us immediately by clicking HERE!

Greater Richmond area non-profits compete for prizes in fun categories like the "Early Bird Challenge" and "Selfies for Good." This year we really want to win the Early Bird Challenge.  You can help by donating $50 at exactly 6:00 a.m. EST - we will win $2500 if we are one of the first 15 organizations to have 50 donations of $50.

This year we are offering incentive rewards to our donors to show you how much we value your support.  

Everyone who donates for the Early Bird prize run will be entered to win a framed print of Bob Haynes' beautiful watercolor painting of The Godspeed.  This prize will be drawn at 10:00 Wednesday morning.

For every $25 you donate after 5pm either day, you will be entered to win a year of Stress Relief! That's right, 12 admissions to our popular monthly Blush & Brush or Art Break painting series.  You can use one a month, or bring up to 2 guests on your pass.  The second name drawn will win 6 months of Stress Relief.  You may use one a month or bring a guest three times.  

Check back for updates about more prize opportunities.

Last year we competed in the pre-event "Go Viral! Video Prize" - please watch our video, Art in a Word, on YouTube.