Fall Into Art Camp to Go

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Ages 6+ with parental help as needed.

Available for pickup in the gallery starting Friday, Oct 1 at noon.

Are you ready for some creative fall artsy fun?

This kit contains 4 art and craft projects for families of all ages. The projects in these kits may require some hands on help from an adult especially for younger children.

Instructions and materials to complete most projects are included in kits. You may need to provide some basic materials. Read all instructions before you begin projects. Kits may contain small pieces. 

  • Glue Batik Pumpkin Wall Art - Batik is a wax-resist fabric dyeing technique that originated in Indonesia. To make batik-making more child-friendly, wax can be replaced with white glue or blue gel glue to make various exciting batik crafts and projects. This process takes time. For best results read instructions before you start.
  • Rainbow Sunset Tree Silhouette- a Silhouette is dark shape and outline of someone or something visible against a lighter background. From start to finish, this project is fairly easy; just follow the directions in order. When you are done you will have a beautiful Rainbow Silhouette.
  • Pine Cone Autumn Fairy- Naturally this cute little craft would make a nice decoration to hang around your house or maybe even on your Christmas tree. You will need to take the kids on a nature walk to find the perfect pine cone for their fairy, while you are looking don’t forget to look for a piece of bark for your owl project.
  • Bark Owl- Everyone needs a wise old owl! This cute little craft is a great way to get the kids out into nature. It would make a nice little gift for someone or could be turned into a tree ornament for Christmas

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