Barbara Hennig-Loomis - unbound - Award of Merit

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Graphite and colored pencil on paper

42 x 32

Judge's comments:

"Hennig-Loomis' drawing Unbound is a delicate work that excels in its illustrative qualities but also remains open to interpretation and discovery. Carefully observed, this work shows Hennig-Loomis' understanding of a larger form's relationship to its surface detail. So, despite the thorough exploration of the tree's texture, the tree's larger structure is well-formed.

 Unbound excels in its design. The positioning of the tree and its relationship to the edge of the page strengthen the composition. The design encourages edge tensions that direct the eye. The tree placement also serves to transform the white of the paper into more than an empty space. The white shapes become active, nearly as exciting as the tree itself."

This Award of Merit was sponsored by Page Cutler.

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