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Bay School Community Arts Center

Busy Bee - Canvas Painting - Art Kit to Go

Busy Bee - Canvas Painting - Art Kit to Go

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Busy Bee Paint Kit $15

Did You Know . . . . 

They live all over the world except Antarctica. There are more than 20,000 species, or types, of bee. The best-known kinds are honeybees and bumblebees. Bees get all their food from flowers. This food consists of a sweet liquid called nectar and a dust like substance called pollen. Honeybees change nectar into honey, which they feed to their young. Bees also gather pollen to feed their young. As they go from flower to flower, they spill some pollen. In this way bees perform a very useful task. When pollen spreads from one flower to another of the same kind it allows the flowers to make seeds and therefore to make new flowers.

This Kit Contains:

1-8x10 Pre sketched canvas, Pack of Brushes, Paint, Instructions and Color Theory Sheet.

You will need to provide:

Cover for your workspace to protect it from paint, paper towels, water container, Styrofoam plate/pallet etc.. for mixing your paints on.

Order you kit online or stop by the gallery to purchase yours now before they sell out.


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