Johnny Hayes - Peaceful Valley - Award of Merit

$ 500.00

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Acrylic on Canvas

42 x 32

Judge's comments:

"Like a Matisse cut-out or Arthur Dove landscape, Hayes' Peaceful Valley delivers a compelling design with bold, colorful forms. This work depicts a playful image devoid of frivolous whimsy, wherein subtle tensions and lyrical movements work in tandem to create a lovely painting.

Peaceful Valley's subtle ambiguity between positive and negative shapes creates a tension that simultaneously flattens form and defines space. Cleverly, Hayes uses interactions with the painting's edge to establish calm and dynamic rhythmic movements that extend well into the painting's interior. Furthermore, the efficient repetition of color in Hayes' limited palette, creates effective groupings and subgroupings, strengthening the overall unity of the composition."

This Award of Merit was sponsored by Ruthie and Gordon Penick.

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