Painting Glowing Colors in Watercolor by Penny Soto

$ 15.00

  • Whether they're painting landscapes, portraits or still lifes, all watercolorists want their work to glow from within. In this essential guide, Penny Soto teaches painters the ins-and-outs of achieving this elusive effect. Readers will learn: Why they should create value drawings How pigments react with paper the basics of color washes and temperature How to use an underpainting to make colors glow The book gives artists a complete color education in an illustrated instruction style that makes it easy for readers of every skill level to follow along with the demonstrations. It's an ideal reference for any painter who wants richer, more vibrant colors. Penny Soto is an accomplished painter and illustrator. Her work is included in the corporate collections of Pacific Bell, Kaiser Foundation and Ralston Purina. Penny's art has also appeared in the Artist's Magazine and Airbrush Action. She lives in San Ramon, California.

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