Raku Firing Fundraiser Tickets - April 15, 2023

$ 30.00

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The raku firing fundraiser is coming back!

Welcome to our Raku Firing Fundraiser! We are very excited to welcome Martha Hayes and Johnny Norman into our backyard as we put the FUN in fundraising with FIRE!

SATURDAY, APRIL 15 (rain date April 22)

Come glaze a pot with Summer Haze Pottery raku glazes and watch the firing process.

$30 to participate. Buy your tickets in the gallery or online

or walk-in any time.


4 spots are available for each time slot.

Expect to spend about two hours with us.

Buy raffle tickets for your own private raku party here!

Raku firing tickets are $30 each. Here is how it works! Check in at your appointed time, and you'll be directed to a glazing station, where you get to glaze a bowl made by a member of the Clay by the Bay Ceramics Guild. A Guild member will be there to assist you to apply glazes provided by Summer Haze Pottery. About half an hour after you start, it will be time to put your bowl in the kiln! The firing process takes place right before your eyes, in about 45 minutes. Bring a chair to chill in the backyard to music by Gabe Westergren, buy a Mug Madness mug, grab a cup of coffee or cocoa, bid on amazing raku pottery, and browse the Art Speaks Gallery while you wait. Make sure you are back outside to see your bowl come out of the kiln, red-hot and glowing! You'll want to snap a picture of that! The bowl will be placed in a metal trash can, lined with newspaper, which will be set ablaze from the heat of the bowl. The lid goes on, and the smoke from the dowsed flames and the loss of oxygen - called reduction - makes the magic happen with the glaze. In about 15 minutes, we'll pull your bowl out, quench it in water to cool it, and wipe it off for you to take home! More photo opps here :).

The first firing of the day will feature some special pots. These will be auctioned or for sale the day of the event, along with other pottery pieces.

The entire process, except when you visit our beautiful gallery, will take place outdoors.  Clean paintbrushes will be available when you are glazing your pot. Optional rubber gloves will also be available for glazing and water and wipes will be on hand for clean-up. Have fun!

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