Art-to-Go with Virginia Coyle June 10 2020, 0 Comments

Sharing art with our community is what we are all about.  This is what inspired us to create our take-home art kits with Art-to-Go.

Each week while schools are closed and through the summer, we will put out new art kits. They will cover different materials, methods, and age groups. We will work up to having quick lessons in some of our kits. Some will have a video link for demonstrations. 

Photos, materials lists, and instructions will be made available for families who have lots of supplies at home and don't need to pick up the kits.  Use this link,  , to go to our website and then scroll down to find instructions for kits we have already distributed.  This list will be updated as we add more kits.

Have fun, be creative, and show us what you made! You can post pictures of your completed crafts on the Bay School Facebook page or email them to We will share them here!

We need some help to make this happen. We are paying our teaching artists to create the kits and our staff to keep them flowing to you. You can help out by donating here. Every little bit helps, and you have our thanks!!!

Virginia Coyle is one of our teaching artists that is creating some of these kits.  We asked Virginia a few questions about this program.


How different is Art-to-Go from teaching classes?

Art-to-Go verses teaching classes has been a little more challenging. You have to come up with projects that don't need a lot of hands on instruction and can be completed with minimal basic supplies for the most part. I'm more of a hands on kind of teacher. I like being able to get students hands in messy stuff like paints, glues and paper mache.

How do you see this changing the way you teach in the future? 

I don't think this current situation will change the way I teach in the future but it has provided new opportunities to get art out to the individuals who don't have access to the Bay School.

Do you have any creative advice for those in quarantine?

My advice to people in quarantine or people that have found a little extra time on their hands is to take that time and slow down a little. Try to enjoy it if possible. Create something beautiful.  Do something that will make your soul happy - even if it's not creating art. You may never get a chance like this again.