Mathews & Middlesex Family YMCAs

The YMCA provides safe, structured after school programming for many students in the county, with athletic, cultural, and scholastic enrichment. The Bay School Community Arts Center is proud to partner with both The Mathews and Middlesex Family YMCAs to provide creative support through the arts.

Every week throughout the year, teaching artist Davida Hall invites students to stretch their imaginations, experiment, and explore the arts through a variety of media. Every art session is designed to foster creative thought, while encouraging the students to develop their own unique perspective on the arts. Both group and individual projects are created to learn about the importance of respect for the individual and the benefits of utilizing teamwork to reach their goals. This program, as well as many others, is fully funded by grants from generous donors and other Bay School supporters. The Middlesex program is completely funded by the River Counties Community Foundation.