Art-to-Go & Art Party To-Go!

We are still making art kits! Sharing art with our community is what we are all about. We are excited to be open for classes for Phase 3. Our classes will be limited, so we are still sharing Art-to-Go through our take-home art kits. Do you have a group you provide activities for? Do you want to have a customized art party? Call or email us to have us make a set of art kits just for you!



Each week, we put out new art kits. They will cover different materials, methods, and age groups. 

Photos, materials lists, and instructions will be made available for families who have lots of supplies at home and don't need to pick up the kits. Scroll to the end of this page to find those. We will be adding to the list periodically, and you may find things we haven't made kits for (yet).

Have fun, be creative, and show us what you made! You can post pictures of your completed crafts on the Bay School Facebook page or email them to We will share them here!

We need some help to make this happen. We are paying our teaching artists to create the kits and our staff to keep them flowing to you. You can help out by donating here. Every little bit helps, and you have our thanks!!!


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A boy cuts out his colored bunny basket template. A girl holds a paper flower she made. A girl holds the jellyfish counter she made.  A boy and his paper dragon
A girl weaves yarn on a cup. A girl weaves yarn on a cup. A boy and his create-a-craft kit project A girl and her create-a-craft kit project



You might have plenty of supplies at home! Find the instructions for many of our Art-to-Go projects here:

Paper Popsicles (ages 3+)

Spaghetti Art (ages 3+)

O'Keefe Mother's Day Cards (ages 3-6)

Fire-breathing Dragon (ages 4+)

3-D Butterfly (ages 4+)

3-D Caterpillar (ages 4+)

Yarn Bugs (ages 4+)

Hooked on Daddy Father's Day Card (ages 4+)

Worry Doll Necklace (ages 4+0

Beaded Bracelets (ages 4-6)

Paper Dolls (ages 4-6)

Paper Roll Owl (ages 4-6)

3-D Jellyfish (ages 4-8)

TP Roll Butterflies (ages 4-10)

Little Aliens (ages 5+)

Tiny Airplanes (ages 5+)

Jellyfish Counters (ages 5+)

Grow Beans in a Bag (ages 5+)

Create-a-Craft (ages 5+)

Nature Shadowbox (ages 5+)

Beaded Key Chain (ages 5+)

Shell Angel Ornament (ages 5+)

Woodland Fairy Houses (ages 5+) 

My Rainbow Day (ages 5+)

Itsy Bitsy Bug (ages 5+)

Rocket Craft and Template (ages 5+)

Painted Rock Photo Holder (ages 5+)

Leo the Lightning Bug Craft (ages 5+)

Mini Bunny Basket (ages 5-7) and template

Sticker Sunflowers (ages 5-9)

Sticker Butterfly (ages 5-9)

Coffee Filter Ballerina (ages 5-10)

Pipe Cleaner Super Hero (ages 5-10)

Paper Masks (ages 5-10)

Floral Bouquet (ages 6+)

Birdhouse Cards (ages 6+)

Paper Quilt Square (ages 6-9)

Little Paper Weaving (ages 6-9)

Bird Circle Fractions (ages 7+)

Wind Spinners & Beaded Mobiles (ages 7+)

Beaded Gecko (ages 7+)

Mondrian and Matisse Note Cards (ages 7+)

Paper Flowers (ages 7+)

3-D Paper Sunflower (ages 7+)

Bird on a Wire Silhouette (ages 7+)

Model Tepees (ages 7-10)

Positive/Negative Cut-Outs (ages 7-10)

Mother's Day Wreath (ages 7-10)

Worry Dolls (ages 8+)

Weaving on a Round Loom (ages 8+)

Origami Nesting Boxes (ages 8+)

Paper Purses (ages 8+)

Daffodil Paintings (ages 8+)

Be Kind Coloring Page (ages 8+)

Foil Embossing (ages 8+)

Cardboard String Art (ages 8+)

The Elements of Art:  Shape (ages 8 - 12)

The Elements of Art:  Line (ages 8 - 12)

Cup Weaving (ages 9+)

Morrisseau Loon (ages 9-12)

Hyacinth Flowers (ages 10+)

Tissue Flowers (ages 10+)

Weaving on a Loom (ages 10+)

Matisse Collage (ages 10+)

Paper Maché Bird and template (ages 10+)

Translation Tessellations (ages 11+)

Zen Doodle Landscapes (ages 11+)

Woven Necklace (ages 11+)

Colored Pencil Drawing (teen + adult)

Mini Notes and Envelopes (teen + adult)

Cloth Masks (teen + adult)

Fruit and Veggie Prints (all ages)

Journals (all ages) and prompts

Conversation Starters for Families (all ages)

Chalk Art Family Fun  (all ages)

Watercolor Marker Paintings (all ages) video link

Father's Day Cards (fish) (all ages)

Father's Day Cards (boat) (all ages)

Mini Magic Paintings (all ages)

Decorative Magnets (all ages)

Paper Birds (all ages)

Clay Owl (ages 6+)

Clay Coil Bowl (ages 7-10)

Clay Critters (ages 11+) and video link

Clay Turtle (all ages) and video link

Clay Leaf Dishes (all ages)

Clay Giving Hearts (all ages)

Clay Caterpillars (all ages)

Clay Garden Bell (kids or adults)

Clay Percussive Pods (Rattles!) (all ages)