August Artist of the Month Margaret Benton-Jones


Before I begin about my Art, I’d like to thank Bay School Community Arts Center for their support and friendship. From the moment I stepped in the gallery I felt welcomed and at home. This gallery is a diamond in the ruff and there is something here for everyone. So If you haven’t been, come on out and visit.

Now a little about me, I’m Margaret Benton-Jones and I live in Yorktown. I followed in my mother’s foot steps and became a Registered Nurse. After 30 years working in civil service as an R. N. in the Operating Room, I was able to retire. A few years later I decided to build my Art studio before I ever learned how to paint. I have transferred my passion from nursing to my painting.

When I was younger my family traveled all over Europe compliments of the U.S. Army where my father served for 24 years. We lived in Germany for three years. We had so many great adventures from seeing the Alps in Switzerland to meeting the Pope. Growing up I can remember my dad always having a boat and we’d spend our weekends fishing and crabbing and then enjoying our catch for dinner. I was blessed to have two great parents that were also my best friends. All theses things have influenced my Art. I love to paint everything from sailboats to sunflowers and places I have lived or visited.

After my studio was built, my bucket list became not to travel the world but to paint it. I have no formal art training and although I take as many classes in person and online as time permits, I am basically self taught. For me, my art transports me to a place where time has no value and there is nothing else that I rather do. I admire many artists like Van Gogh and Monet. I’ve had a full adventurous life, but this is my best chapter and I know the best is yet to come!  I’d like to thank those I’ve met along the way for their friendships and encouragement. I also give thanks to God for his many blessing on my life. I want to encourage others that each of us have a gift, no matter what your passion, pursue it and always stay in faith.

So after 5 years of painting, I am excited to announce my first ‘Artist of the Month Exhibit’ and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did creating it. These paintings were all painted this year and reflects my love of life and how I treasure my family and the gift God has given me. It is my hope of lifting the viewers’ spirits as it has with mine with each creation.

So let’s pack our bags and do all a little traveling on canvas and thank you for being part of my journey.

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Thank you sincerely,

Margaret Benton-Jones, Yorktown Artist

Pack your bags and let’s travel on canvas….


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“City of Lights, Paris” 

To see the Eiffel tower twinkling in the dark is a beautiful thing and seems larger than life in person. Picture yourself on this romantic street at one of the many cafes with views of the Eiffel tower. There is magic and excitement in the air that you can feel, see and hear. It’s LOVE or the idea of Love that’s so alluring to this city.


Under Venice Bridge” 

Venice is one of my favorite things to paint because of the old world architecture and the many bridges and canals. If you want to island hop look no further than Venice, known as the floating city. Can you imagine, no roads, no cars, just bridges (over 400) and water taxis to get about? It’s so fascinating how it was built and still stands today. This is another one of my romantic places to escape. Venice is just a beautiful dream that you don’t want to end.


Turn Left at Canal, Venice”

Take a left at the next canal is an example of the directions you may get from a local. The reflections in the canals are so fascinating. Each bridge is a masterpiece. They have apps and maps, but when in doubt follow the crowd.


“Windmills in the Tulip Fields, Holland” 

Holland is another special place where I remember my parents taking us to see the many windmills and beautiful fields of flowers as far as the eye can see. It’s interesting that over two billion tulips per year are exported from here. I still have my wooden shoes and many wonderful memories to treasure.


Now let’s unpack and enjoy local…

“Marsh Getaway” 

Inspired by the many little cottages you may see off the beaten path. These are great places to live off the grid and escape the hustle and bustle. Many are used for fishing, kayaking or crabbing off the back dock.



“Strike a Pose” 

Herons can be spotted everywhere. Don’t you just love their long legs? Did you ever notice how different each bird can be? That’s because there are 64 recognized species of herons. I just love their stillness and determination.


“Sailing into the Sunset” 

Who doesn’t love a great sunset? Sunsets are so inspirational and lift my spirits knowing there is a higher power orchestrating it all. Every sunset is unique and so magical to watch. As you wait in anticipation as the sun lowers it self in the distant sky, it makes me appreciate my life even more and all that really matters!


“Mathews USA” 

Now to my favorite small town “Mathews, my Mayberry”. This is Main and Church Street, the main intersection of the town. From the moment I came to Mathews many years ago I felt welcomed and enjoy frequent visits here. Mathews is like stepping back in time, a place where you feel safe, where the clock slows and people take the time to speak. It’s a charming community that I will always treasure.