Market Days Artisan Market

A basket made by Bayside Baskets Friday, September 6; Saturday, September 7, 2019
Visit the Art Speaks Gallery during Market Days.  Local artists will display and sell their handmade fine art and craft in and around the gallery.  There will also be children's art activities outside on Saturday along with photo opportunities to "become a master." 

Meet the following artists in and around our gallery:



Lesley Atkinson | Creative Ahoy Jewelry ~ Clay by the Bay Ceramics Guild ~ Rita Cutler | Whiskey Bottle Art ~ Sweetie Davis | Swarovski crystals ~ Julia Dorsey | Pottery ~ Doris Hackworth | Pottery ~ Jim & Linda Harrison | Jewelry ~ Marcia Moe | Bayside Baskets ~ Perla Morris | Whimsical Painted Wood ~ Cindy Plessinger | A Painted Lady Designs ~ Patrizia Smith | Flow Art ~ Greg Versen | Photography ~ Victoria Watson | Jewelry and Pet Portraits

 crocheted bead and tassel necklaces by Creative Ahoy jewelry   Pottery from the Clay by the Bay Ceramics Guild   close-up photograph of a window by Whiskey Bottle Art   Sweetie Davis and her Swarovski crystals   a small white vase with peaches painted on it.   Doris Hackworth with her pottery   A photograph of Jim and Linda Harrison's jewelry display   Marcia Moe's Bayside Baskets display   Perla Morris and her mermaids in the Art Speaks Gallery   Cindy Plessinger's A Painted Lady Designs booth   Patrizia Smith's flow art display in the Art Speaks Gallery   A Greg Versen lighthouse photograph   Victoria Watson's jewelry display