Mathews Riverside Convalescent Center

The Bay School Community Arts Center is honored to be in partnership with the Riverside Convalescent Center here in Mathews. Twice a month, Teaching Artist Virginia Coyle, along with several volunteers, bring bundles of creativity to the residents in the form of arts and crafts. Every guided lesson is planned with the specific needs and skills of the residents in mind. As with so many of our other programs, it is our aim, to not only reach out to the residents creatively, but to do so personally as well, building intentional relationships with each individual.

If you are interested in volunteering to assist with bringing the arts to the residents, we would love to hear from you!

"The stimulating projects meet the needs and expectations of our residents. The instructors work with each resident on their skill level and produce a quality product that make them proud. It is quite a job to address the ages and skill levels but the Bay School folks always meet and/or exceed our expectations. (I see) happiness, pride generated by a created work, pride of ownership and many smiles and "Look What I Did!" comments." - Richard Miles