Mother's Day Art Event

The Bay School is having an online Mother's Day Art shopping event. A total of 10 Gallery artists have made a variety of lovely gifts that would be perfect for the mothers in your life.   Featured art includes a variety of jewelry, pottery, glass art, and small paintings. Each piece of art is a unique, one of a kind creation just like the mothers in your life! The Bay School will also gift wrap your Mother’s day purchase for free. Shipping, curbside pick-up and free delivery to Gloucester and Mathews is available on all purchases.

 If you don’t know what Mom would like, let her choose with a gift certificate. A Bay School gift certificate will enable mom choose her own gift or class! Gift certificates are good for up to 2 years! Use code MOM2020 and receive 10% off.

Mother’s Day Art-to-Go kits are available for pick up outside the Bay School anytime. Mother’s Day kits offer creative projects that make memorable cards and gifts.

Read what our participating artists have to say:

"Even though both my children are in their mid 30's, they are still my "children", that never changes no matter the age.  I could not be more proud of them both - my daughter is a middle school teacher and my son is a marine biologist.   I am still the cheerleader, educator, shoulder to cry on, and confidant.  Last June I became a first time grandmother:  my grandson, Brooks, was born June 1, 2019.  At that time, my son and his wife were living in California and we visited twice in the first eight months after Brooks' birth.  In early March of 2020 they relocated to North Carolina, only three hours away. Hopefully, very soon, life will get back to "normal" and we will be able to visit on a regular basis.  I am very fortunate to have both my children, and now my grandson, close by.  I look forward to the family gatherings, especially on holidays.  There is nothing in the world more important to me than my children and my family." 

 Jewelry artist Linda Harrison

"I have always known in my heart of hearts that I was an artist, and I strive to bring art into my work, no matter what I'm doing.  I have been blessed to be able to work the soil and work also with the things the land brings forth in my former professions as a floral designer, contractor and chemical-free farmer.  My pottery is inspired by nature and all the beauty found in the simplicity of the little things that are often overlooked and taken for granted.Working with clay has transformed my life, my art fills me with enthusiasm and joy for the day.  I allow the pieces to speak to me as I form them and explore new ways to decorate them.  I am in awe of the possibilities that can be created from what is essentially a clump of various kinds of 'dirt'.  My goal is to share this perspective and marvel at what a truly precious place we all "call home", - planet earth."

Potter Julia Dorsey

"My mother, Renee Atkinson influenced me on how she had an eye for design and colors. She was great with making floral arrangements and being a part of the Garden Club. Not only was she an excellent cook, she always kept herself composed even on her worst days. She could put an outfit together and she knew how to coordinate her colors, from her shoes to her matching colored sunglasses. My mother had class, even though she was on a beer budget, she made it work. She was one-of-a-kind and missed so much."

Jewelry artist Lesley Atkinson

"I'm excited to introduce myself to you. My name is Margaret Benton-Jones and I am a York County resident. I started painting in 2013, just after retiring as an operating room Registered Nurse of 30 years. My BUCKET LIST was not to travel the world but to paint it, for I always wanted to be an artist. After a year of planning, I was able to build my Art studio in 2016. I am grateful to have my canvas and to paint my dreams in true colors and bold strokes. Dreams do come true…and my message to others, it’s never too late to live your dream!!!I am happily married to Robert and we have a four legged son named Bentley. He is a Shicon breed and is 9 years old. Bentley is also a retired therapy dog and has brought joy to many people in our community."

Painter Margaret Benton-Jones

"Some of the greatest gifts that I have ever received were becoming a mother and grandmother. I have two grown children and 5 beautiful granddaughters  that are often my inspirations . Each of them in their own way are very creative and artistic.  I look forward to the rest of my life and watching them grow artistically while they inspire me to do the same."

Artist Virginia Coyle


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