Special Education at Mathews Public Schools

Part of our commitment to the community is providing a way for people of all ages and skill sets to experience the arts. It is with great honor and joy that we are able to partner with the Special Education programs in the Mathews Public Schools District at the preschool/elementary and middle school levels. Davida Hall, our Outreach Coordinator, goes into Mathews County Public Schools each week to provide creative experiences for these incredible groups of students.

Davida guides the students at Thomas Hunter Middle School through lessons that engage their senses and explore their emotions, offering creative ways to express themselves without words. The middle school program has recently expanded to include fun with food, tastes, and textures. By exploring the culinary world with a creative lens, students are able to use all of their senses through the creation of edible masterpieces. 

These programs, as well as many others, are funded by grants from our generous donors and other supporters of The Bay School.