Teen Open Studio

Our Teen Open Studio is a place for youth (ages 12+) to gather, do some creative tinkering and experiment with new media or techniques. Every Friday, from 3-5pm, our Outreach Coordinator, Annie Harpe, is on hand to artistically guide and encourage the youth in discovering who they are as creative individuals. Whether it be diving into a medium they've never attempted before, bringing in an on-going project from home or just popping in to see what's going on, we work with the youth to help bring out their inner artist in a space where they can freely and openly express themselves.

Artwork from the Teen Open Studio is eligible for the Kids’ Art Show in August and the Emerging Artists Show in October (age 16+).  Fridays 3pm - 6pm.

This program is now free to participants due to generous grants from the Mathews Community Foundation and the Richard & Caroline T. Gwathmey Memorial Trust.

Teen Open Studio will not be held on days when there is no school unless arranged in advance.