November Artist of the Month Jorge Saenz


Jorge grew in San Francisco, where he was exposed to art and culture.  It was then that he fell in love with painting early on in his childhood. Later after studying architecture and fine art, Jorge spent a considerable amount of time working in the field of visual merchandising. He now commits to his artwork full-time, enhancing and refining his unique methodology in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Relying on his architectural background and ever evolving concept of color fields, Saenz has hand-carved his own niche in the abstract realm, drawing inspiration from prolific artists like De Kooning, Rothko and Frankenthaler. A close glance at his work reveals multiple layers of shapes, patterns, and color fluctuation, often completed with translucent drips and his unique shapes which he has spent years cultivating. Saenz’s unapologetic usage of various mediums and contrasting color temperatures hint at his romantic approach to abstract art. 

 When Jorge is not in his studio you can find him at the Virginia Beach Art Center where he is currently the exhibition coordinator-curator for their monthly exhibits. For further information about his artwork, you can visit him at his website: or on his Instagram:


To view Jorge's collection CLICK HERE