October Artist of the Month Nancy McGuffie- SALE


Photographer Nancy McGuffie became “obsessed” with the beauty of abandoned buildings at a young age. Nancy’s fascination began when she was 12 years old. Her parents decided to cut their own Christmas tree instead of buying one off a lot.  Nancy and her sister searched a wooded area near their neighborhood for a Christmas tree and found an old abandoned farmhouse. Nancy would explore and play at the farmhouse every chance she had.  That adventure sparked her curiosity and obsession with abandoned homes.  Nancy has traveled to 30 states and discovered incredible asylums, restaurants, and factories.  Over the years her artwork has also become therapy as well as hobby. 

 Virginia opened the Central Lunatic Asylum in 1870, which later became the Central State Hospital. The Central Lunatic Asylum is believed to be the first psychiatric hospital in the United States. These toothbrushes were photographed in the original Central State building last used for troubled youth.  It is completely boarded up and shrouded in darkness.

“Rust in Pieces” was taken in the woods near a tiny town in western Pennsylvania. The photo reveals one man's personal collection of trolleys. Some date back as far as 1919.  For a short period he gave tours.  Now they sit on old tracks rotting away.


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