Family Outdoor Eye Spy Photo Game #2 Texture April 17 2020, 0 Comments


The Outdoor Eye Spy Photo Game is a great way for the family to get outside and have some fun! Each week 3 photo assignments will be posted here in the blog, on the Bay School Facebook page as well as the Mathews Talk Facebook page. You can post your photos on either of the Facebook pages in the comment section. We will pick a few each week to post on Facebook and on our blog posts.

Texture Assignments:

1. Tree Bark- Tree bark is an excellent example of natural texture. Some bark has more texture then others. Look for a bark that is a good example of texture.

2. Moss- Moss can be soft or hard and ruffly. Find a nice clump somewhere that is a good example of texture and zoom in!

3. Your Choice- Look around outside for other examples of texture. There are lots of things out there!

We can't wait to see your pictures!!