Creative Studies In Water Media by Pat Dews

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In this book, Pat Dews encourages you to follow your own unique vision; at the same time, she offers practical step-by-step instruction to help you create well-designed finished abstract paintings. "Paint with joy" is her motto, and her philosophy is "You can do it." Look inside and see how to keep a positive, no-fear attitude; tips to cultivate ideas for paintings; how to create trees, rocks and water in a variety of ways; over thirty-two techniques to create patterns and textures - resists, collage, scraping, stencils, filtering and more; two full-length, step-by-step demonstrations of one photo reference interpreted by two artists; three full-length painting demonstrations beginning with a single reference, but ending quite differently; and art by guest artists Dorothy Skeados Ganek, Dean Mitchell, Robert Vickery, Pat Denman and Robert Sakson.